ARCTURUS AK74 Custom. Custom AK74 tending to AK12, the current Kalashnikov assault rifle in the Russian army. ... Battery Connector: T-Deans; Housing for spare battery in the handle; Battery not included; Serial number unique to the replica . History of AK-74: Commissioned in the Soviet Union in 1974, the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Ak) 74 replaces the AKM directly derived from the. Shop ARCTURUS AK-12 AEG at the best price from WGC Shop today. | Worldwide shipping Specification Build Material : Steel / Aluminum / Polymer Gearbox : Version 3 Magazine Capacity : 30 / 130 Shots ( 6mm BB Bullets ) Over All Length : 700 mm Inner Barrel Length : 425 mm Weight : 3480 g System : Electric Gearbox Battery Type : 8.4v-9.6v Stick Type / 7.4v Lipo ( Not Includes ). The AK12 by Arcturus features very similar internal components to the AR. As expected, these are very well built gearboxes. Arcturus has had a few AK models on the mark ... A smartly designed detented take down lever forward of the dust cover allows you to remove it for battery installation. The handguard is engulfed in rail space for lights. The AK is a 7.62x39mm assault rifle of Soviet origin developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova (Kalashnikov's Automatic Rifle). Kalashnikov began development in 1945 in post World War II Soviet Russia where the lessons learned from that conflict instilled a strong desire within him to see his countrymen armed with.

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